Contex Business Srl ofera servicii de contabilitate, expertiză contabilă şi servicii adiacente din domeniul financiar-contabil nu numai pentru firmele cu sediul social in jud. Satu Mare.

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Contexts Business Ltd is structured to provide all the benefits of an accounting department, at affordable prices, to firms whose budget does not allow the establishment of a separate department of accounting. Choosing one of our services or combination required, any entity may hold control of its business:
Accounting primary
We offer comprehensive primary accounting, made daily, weekly or monthly.

Management Accounting
• Management Accounting Organization and management advice to downloading (FIFO LIFO, weighted average cost)
• Registration of incoming goods and other items of cost, on those specific purchase / import papers
• Determining final costs, adding other elements of cost
• Registration of price reductions granted by foreign and domestic suppliers
• Registration of inventory corrections
• Calculating and accounting provisions for stock
• Check consistency between input notes - reception and internal and external suppliers invoices and opinions of the expedition left not invoiced at the end of month
• Preparing invoices and documents necessary for export of goods, and recording them in the accounting and management program
• Recording the payment tools issued by the company for 3rd parties
• providing the stocks, choosing the desired frequency (daily, weekly or monthly) and preferred format

Invoices issuing
Issuing invoices and forwarding to the clients, together with the payment made for each client separately.

Invoices payment
Preparing the situation of debts to suppliers.

Cash book
Preparing cash book, performing all necessary adjustments (ie reimbursement of advances for cashiery)
Bank transfers / bank statements and cash flow management

Our staff draws orders for payment, controlling credit and debit operations in the bank statements. Also, we take care of drafting and managing cash flow of your company, assuring you that your financial availability is consistent with the commitments and objectives of your company.
Analysis of the debts and liabilities

Assets management

Fixed assets register will be constantly updated, ensuring the correct calculation of amortization and depreciation, and withdrawal or sale of fixed assets / other assets.

VAT recovery

Providing assistance to the recovery of the VAT, dealing with all necessary formalities related to this operation.
Drawing up the forecast budget
Counseling / Participation at Board meetings or other business meetings, and presenting financial results
Human Resources
We offer you all forms necessary for the personnel selection, and if deemed appropriate, we can assume the role of HR Manager of your company.