Contex Business Srl ofera servicii de contabilitate, expertiză contabilă şi servicii adiacente din domeniul financiar-contabil nu numai pentru firmele cu sediul social in jud. Satu Mare.

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Accounting Services Satu Mare
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a) Financial Accounting Services:
- Processing chronological accounting of articles based on primary documents provided by client
- Preparation of monthly trial balance
- Drawing register log
- Establishment of the register inventory
- Elaboration ledger
- Creating logs of sales and purchases

b) The establishment, verification and certification of half early and annual financial statements

c) analytical evidence of customers and suppliers – drawing up the balance on different periods specification, drawing up reports on invoices and payments for each partner separately, drawing up reports on outstanding / unpaid invoices

d) analytical evidence of fixed assets and inventories

e) economic and financial analysis.

• Determination of monthly financial results (profit or loss)
• Analysis of profitability (costs and revenues), the interpretation of performance indicators
• Optimizing profits
• Advice on profit sharing
• Analysis of financial flows
• Analysis of capital accounts and fixed assets