Contex Business Srl ofera servicii de contabilitate, expertiză contabilă şi servicii adiacente din domeniul financiar-contabil nu numai pentru firmele cu sediul social in jud. Satu Mare.

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Accounting Satu Mare - Contex Business
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S.C. Contex Business Srl is an accounting, accounting expertise and related services in financial accounting company and is a member of the Chartered Accountants and Licensed Accountants of Romania since 2007, the year the company had been established.
Currently, for financial accounting, the general trend is towards outsourcing (outsourcing). This means that activities which traditionally were made within your company (by an accounting department or a person) is taken, based on a service contract, a company specialized in the field. Outsourcing is not just a trend, but a necessity due to the growing needs of companies for more complex analysis of their activity as completion of the analysis of economic indicators that will direct future management decisions, but also to the dynamic changes within the financial accounting legislation field, a complete ignorance of which may have serious consequences on the stability of your company.
We support all those who understand the need for outsourcing business accounts, offering a wide range of professional accounting services at primary and management, financial accounting, consulting accounting, accounting expertise, assistance fiscal control, personnel management. By signing a contract with us, Contex Business takes the professional responsibility of all records and accounting records, accountability for the deadlines of declarations and other commitments to state institutions, always respecting the confidentiality of all work performed and information on your company, so while you are our client and after.
Our clients are companies from Satu Mare and surrounding villages, and what characterizes our relations with them is stability and security in terms of their business accounts.
Are you tired searching for the optimum development solution for the business that you are running?
You have just started a new company and you cannot manage the accounting documents?
You are scared by terms such as: accounting, accounting expertise, personnel management services?
You wish outsourcing of your financial and accounting or human resources services and do not know which company to choose?
We offer the following services in Satu Mare and adjacent localities:

* Primary and Management Accounting
* Financial Accounting
* Drafting and certification of financial statements and annual
* Support tax audit
* State Recovery amount (VAT)
* Manage staff

Together we build modern and sustainable solutions to any problem accounts.
You will say goodbye to a classic, obsolete accounts and you will discover with us new modern and efficient solutions for your company. It is not only us saying this but the 60 of our loyal customers.

For more information about the company’s activities and a discussion without engagement on your part we invite you to contact us now.